There's A New Face Promoting the Gillette Wild

Dawn Marie Tystad is the new sales and marketing executive for the Gillette Wild Junior Hockey Team.

Tystad, originally from Rapid City, S.D., has lived in Gillette for the past five years.

Prior to joining the Gillette Wild, Tystad worked for the school district doing the CAT (Children After School) program.

The opportunity at Gillette Wild came about because hockey coach Tom Winkler’s daughter is in Tystad’s Girl Scout Troup No. 1611, which Tystad’s daughter also is a member.

When she heard Gillette Wild was looking to fill that position, Tystad said she jumped at the opportunity.

“I saw an opportunity and the rest was history,” Tystad said.

Tystad has a paid staff position; she’s not working in a volunteer capacity.

Her new job is to make the team more widely known, continue to develop the fan and customer base and fill the seats in the Cam-plex Spirit Hall Ice Arena on game days.

Specifically, Tystad is in charge of making sure there are sponsor banners in the arena, selling the advertising space on the back of the jerseys, keeping ad books up to date, and getting the name Gillette Wild “out there in the community.”

It’s basically about “getting more sponsors to support us,” Tystad said,

On game days, Tystad works with the head of game-day operations, Misty Kindt, to promote the games themselves. She will help organize special in game and between periods promotional events.

“The team is growing in popularity,” she said. Attendance has almost doubled over the past few years.

She can be reached at 307.680.7229 or

Welcome to the team Dawn!