Ladies and Left Wings was a Success

Feb 1, 2012


Tuesday night The Gillette Wild put on an amazing night for some local women.  Ladies and Lefts Wings was a dinner/fundraiser for women, it included the Hockey basics, the finer points of the game and an open forum for questions.  It was definitely a successful night.  We had sixty women sign up for the ladies night, they were given a gift bag and had a sit down plated dinner provided by Shanks at Bell Nob.  Head Coach Tom Winkler and Assistant Coach Nick Adamek were the instructors/ speakers for the evening.  Some of the players were there to help with dinner service and to hang out for the night with everyone.  A lot of fun was had and The Wild will be doing this similar to this more often.  The Gillette Wild staff would like to thank all of the women that came out and supported the team on Tuesday night.