Casey Moneer Committed To MSOE

Mar 5, 2012

Some people just have it all.  Gillette Wild forward Casey Moneer is one of those people.

For starters, he's athletically gifted.  The forward has raked up 21 goals this season (second on the team).  On top of that, he's been playing at the junior level since his junior year of high school.

After proving himself as a standout player through his body of work with the wild,Moneers onto the next level- college.  Not just any college, the Milwaulkee School of Engineering.

Moneer had to bust his butt acedemically and athletically to get in.  He carried a 4.0 GPA through high School, an unbelievably difficult task in and of itself.

The 19-year-old put in an ungodly number of hours between school and hockey.  All his free time was spent with a book in hand.

Moneer doesn't claim to be the most naturally gifted student.  But hard work and help from his parents made up for that.

"it takes me a while to get something down," he said. "But I'm the kind of kid that will read the context of my work for four hours until I get …I'm not a lazy student." 

No kidding.  The school was Moneer's top choice.  He is psyched to go somewhere with a good hockey program.  The team had a 16-3-1 record and was in second place in the Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association as of Saturday.


Written By Jon Frank – Gillette New Record