Camp in Casper Deemed a Success

Apr 29, 2013

48 hopefulls from Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Texas, and Indiana arrived in Casper, WY this past weekend with the hopes of impressing the Wild coaching staff. Players ranging in ages 15-20 took to the ice for 1 practice and up to 2 games per day. In total, there was 3 teams competing against each other.

"This camp really impressed us. It was a great mix of older players competing aginst some great young kids who held their own. Casper Ice Arena was a great host. We continue to look forward to this camp every year," said GM/ Head Coach Tom Winkler.

"It was great to see how well the younger kids matched up against some of our veteran players. We introduced our program to a lot of new faces this past weekend. This camp continues to get better and better each year," added Assistant Coach Nick Adamek.